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Video & Stills Photographer & Editor, Colorist, Graphic Designer, Teacher, Tutor & Consultant. Living in the north of Israel - Working everywhere!

צלם וידאו וסטילס, עורך וידאו וסטילס, קולוריסט, גרפיקאי מדריך ויועץ טכני. גר בצפון הארץ - עובד בכל מקום!

Sunset Daffodil

Israel northernmost shoreline is a nature reserve, with lots of flora (fauna too) like this Pancratium Maritimum, commonly known as Sea Daffodil.

These Daffodils are abundant here, and blossom during late summer, when most of the flora has already dried out - which only makes them even more impressive.

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